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Why retain our services

Our ground penetrating radar surveys are made in accordance with ASTM D 6432 (Standard guide for using the Surface Ground Penetrating Radar Method for Subsurface Investigation)

Economic reasons

It is much cheaper to use our services rather than repairing damaged pipes.

Our services can also reduce the cost or repairing surface (earthwork, asphalt, etc.)

Health and Safety

Our services prevent working accidents. Indeed, by digging or sawing blindly, workers are unnecessarily exposed to serious accidents because for example, they may break or cut electrical cables or gas lines.

In addition, we use no radioactive equipment. Our instruments being of no danger to health, evacuation of areas is not necessary when we are scanning a structure.

We use the latest technology

Our instruments for detection and localization, our georadar GPR for example, are updated regularly and we do not hesitate to invest in new instruments when new technology is available.

Real-time results

Our instruments for scanning concrete structure yield results in real time, minimizing your time for completing work.

Combination of technologies

Example: For detection of cables and conduits in concrete or the ground, we combine the use of two different technologies: ground penetrating radar and EM detection. We obtain much more reliable and complete results than our competitors (see our November 2009 publication).

Written report

In addition to onsite marking, a detailed written report with photos and sketches is produced and emailed. for each concrete structure scanning, detection and locate of underground pipes and cables.

Confidentiality agreement

All informations found during a ground penetrating radar investigation are the exclusive property of our client.

We also promise that this information is kept confidential.

If necessary, this information could be transmitted to a third party, but only with the written consent of our client.

Competitive rates

Fast service

Supplementary information document to download:November 2009